what is fido?

The world’s great talents...from athletes to artists to scientists...tend to live a lonely existence. Focused intensely for endless hours on honing their skills and mental powers toward very specific goals. Yet, when these extraordinary individuals can come together and share their special abilities, remarkable things can happen.

The Apollo Project was the greatest example of this in history, when the world's elite physicists, fighter pilots, designers, doctors, geologists, engineers...just to name a few...came together in a structured environment and accomplished in a short time what Man had dreamed of for millennia.

fido is the first virtual campus for just such people...created to allow these organized collaborations of diverse leaders to happen on a regular basis. The human power and ability exists to solve formidable problems. fido is where it can happen.

who is fido?

fido is a cadre of leading innovators, talents and visionaries who can come here to share, explore and develop their own ideas with other creative minds like themselves. It's also companies, from the Fortune 500 to entrepreneurial groundbreakers, who want to bring these incredible individuals together to collaborate on challenges.

fido members are diverse in their skills, but share an intellectual curiosity and a passion to accomplish the impossible. They are musicians, authors, engineers, software developers, cartoonists, DJs, speechwriters, gamers, social entrepreneurs, economists, architects...and that just scratches the surface. Many are established award winners, some are emerging thought leaders...but all believe that when eclectic, gifted individuals collaborate, they can reshape industries and lives.

The 20th century moved the world forward at a speed never before seen. Becoming a member of fido means becoming part of a collaborative that can make the 21st century even more astonishing...and actually better for Mankind.

fido information
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